Monday, December 29, 2008

Pamper Your Piggies! FEATURED VENDOR

Everyone knows that when it comes to long events such as a wedding, high heels are a deathtrap. Somewhere around hour 2, your feet are begging for mercy. Sure high heels make a statement and make your legs look great, but what women tend to forget when getting wrapped up in the excitement of fashion and beauty for the big day, is that no one will see them under your floor length dress.

Sandals 4 Events
are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!


Many brides these days are opting for a flip flop basket at the reception to give their female guests the option of changing into something more comfortable (so sweet!). Plain flip flops are great for your guests, but the bride and bridesmaids deserve to have their piggies pampered. You can now have PERSONALIZED high quality sandals that will look great even on your wedding day. Plus you now have them to keep, wear and reminisce about that wonderful day. You can also order a personalized baggie to keep them in--- SCORE!!!!


Ranging from shoe sizes 6-10 and in colors black, black w/ Swarovski crystals, white, silver & fuchsia you are sure to find the right sandal for you and your bridesmaids. This would make a fabulous gift for any occasion for any chica (or feminine male) in your life :)


Check them out! Sandals 4 Events

   Monday, December 22, 2008
Sandals 4 Events!
OK, How cool are these? We all know how that perfect pair of shoes can just top off any special event outfit, but often at the end of the night our feet are killing us! Many brides, bridemaids and plain old "party" girls are opting for something more comfortable, with a little bit of style - such as a sandal. But what if your comfy sandals could now be personalized for your very own event, say your wedding or whatever the occasion? Well now they are...check out Sandals 4 Events!
They are a personalized leather sandal company for weddings and special events. They feature patent leather, nappa leather and kid suede thong sandals in white, black, fuchsia and silver as well as black suede with Swarovski crystals. And here's the best part... they personalize your sandals to fit the need of any event. That's right - personalized! (Isn't it every girls dream to have a shoe with their own label on it?)
Additionally, they also offer the "Love" sandal. The "Love" sandal is offered with the word "Love" already embossed your sandals. You gotta "love" them!
They work with wedding planners or the Bride herself to customize their sandals for whatever your occasion. Check them out at for Julia Bornstein at 954-926-7567 or write to

Friday, July 10, 2009


Fabulous Find Friday!

Wondering how to gift your bridesmaids? Well, if you want something personalized, cute, chic and very feminine then this would be a great way to gift your bridesmaids. You can get these awesome sandals at sandals4events.comwhere you will be able to personalize each sandals for a VERY reasonable price.

Ketty G