"Sandals 4 Events" has been endorsed by Samantha Goldberg, Celebrity Wedding Planner........as seen on "Whose Wedding is it Anyway"

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I have to share an awesome idea for Bridesmaids Birthdays or even Bat Mitzvahs!

I am always being asked for original ideas for brides who cannot afford to give a token of appreciation to their bridesmaids. We want to give something personal, but also something that reminds them of the day they witnessed your marriage.

Everything with weddings is customized lately. It's been crazy with the monograms, the drinks, even bottled water and recently a planner friend of mine found they are even selling customized pints of ice cream! How cool is that? Your having a tented wedding and you get a yummy treat that is in an adorable package...Or you are dancing in the sand and you can't do it in heels, would n't it be awesome to have these in a basket for your guests to enjoy?

Julia Bornstein president of Sandals 4 Events http://www.sandals4events.com/has come up with a fantastic idea. She was kind enough to send a pair. I never have been able to wear flip flops because of that one area between the toes, it gave me horrible blisters! I am so excited that these are comfortable! I hate my toes and they actually make my feet look normal. What is normal again?
You have to call her! Tell her you found her information on my website!!
Sandals 4 Events personalized sandals for actress  "Malinda Williams"http://www.blackvoices.com/black_entertainment/newswirecanvas/_a/bv-entertainment-newswire-july-5/20060705160809990001


A Guest Favor You've Never Seen Before

We've all seen those beautiful photos of the bride's shoes as she's getting ready for her walk down the aisle. Maybe they're propped up on a sofa, sitting on a window sill, or just cast aside on the floor. Any way you put it, bridal shoes sure are beautiful!

While you may spend weeks or months hunting for the perfect pair of bridal shoes, have you thought about shoes for your guests? Most female guests will likely be wearing fancy heels too and of course anyone who's renting a tux has to manage with those terrible rental shoes. That means when it's time for dancing, everyone will kick off their uncomfortable shoes!
Sandals 4 Events!is a company that provides personalized sandals. These are not your typical $3 Old Navy flip flops and are absolutely better than the personalized foam things that pop out of a single sheet (like the ones nail salons give you after a pedicure). They are, in fact, very high quality and sturdy sandals that just happen to have your name and wedding date printed on the interior heel. They feature quality components like full grain leather, Swarovski Crystals, kid suede, and are packaged in individual satin drawstring bags.There are no  minimum orders ,so this would be a great gift for bridesmaids, parents, and other special guests as a special 'thank you.' I'm sure the rest of your guests would love them too!
Ok, so I just opened my email and I had an email from a Sandal Company in Florida.

So of course I thought sandals, yeah how could they be different. Then I saw them and were blown away.

These sandals really are the Coolest Wedding Sandals ever because you can actually personalize the sole of the sandal with the brides name and wedding date or the couples name and wedding date. And they are really cute.

Now I will say that they definitely are only for women because the thong strap is patent leater but, hey it might be a guy out there that wants to wear them. The website is Sandals 4 Events.

The other cool thing is that these sandals have been endorsed by Samanta Goldberg, who is a wedding planner on "Whose Wedding is it Anyway"

So that means that if you do decided to get them then you are using something that the brides on "Whose Wedding is it Anyway".


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